Thursday, April 3, 2014


The winter rust was quite evident yesterday as I worked on meeting my goal of 30 in 30 during April. I rediscovered what happens when all forward motion ceases to exist and you are clipped into your pedals on a 15 percent or so grade…

Monday, March 3, 2014

Has Anyone Seen Spring?

It’s been a while since I posted. Several squeaky wheels have had my attention and, unfortunately, cycling wasn’t one of the louder ones. We’ve finally experienced winter again here in Western North Carolina after several years of only hearing about snow.


(The storm beginning as I was enjoying an echo stress test at WNC Cardiology)

This year we had a return to the snow of old. You know, the ones where we walked to school every day in knee deep snow just like our forefathers did. Of course, we’ve had nothing like the mid-west and north east have endured and I don’t count Atlanta’s little ice skating party as anything other than poor planning. I’m ready for spring to finally get sprung or whatever spring does. Yesterday’s 60 degree weather was a cruel joke leading up to today’s return to freezing temps with possible snow flurries.

Monday, January 6, 2014


So the National Weather Service is forecasting the coldest temperatures in decades for the mountains of Western North Carolina. So the temperatures have been on a downward trajectory since before we got up this morning. It’s my birthday and I really, really wanted to be able to say I rode on my birthday…


(Note new GoPro Hero 3+ camera – gift from the Navigator)

Well, let me tell you…

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Final Excuse for 2013

Today I offer up my final excuse, err, accounting of the year as to why I’m not riding my bicycle as much as I’d like. I could blame it on the weather, you know, days and days of unending rain followed by cold, cold temperatures. How cold was it, you say?


Friday, November 1, 2013



Sausage, Egg, Cheese Biscuit Double burger with cheese

(A teaser of things to come…)

I must admit that I’ve been challenged this year to find the motivation to ride and to write. It seems I have let life’s distractions get in the way despite my early season promises to self to be more attentive to my riding schedule. With the exception of the month of April, I just haven’t been faithful to myself or my mini-stable of bikes.. The lack of riding has led to a lack of writing as well and it has been a struggle at times to come up with something new or something …

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Sharrow Here, A Sharrow There!

My hometown of Waynesville, NC continues on the move toward increased bicycle friendliness as the first Sharrow was placed along Commerce Street today in the Frog Level section of town. (Yes, I said Frog Level!)


(The first Sharrow in Waynesville!)

Commerce Street and Richland Streets are the first to get the lane markings…

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Monday, September 23rd, was a beautiful fall day here in downtown Buzzard’s Roost. The temperature at 2:30 p.m. was hovering around 71 degrees and there was low humidity. The sky was blue and the clouds could have starred in any TV commercial for clothes detergent.


(A brilliant fall day on top of Newfound Road)

After having dealt with the death of our dear Labrador Retriever, Orla, …

Monday, September 23, 2013


The Navigator and I are back home in the glory of our mountains as fall begins to make itself known here in beautiful Buzzard’s Roost, just outside of Canton, NC. The leaves are showing the first signs of color as some yellows and a few reds are emerging.

Our trip to the Low Country was, on the balance, another successful adventure. I managed to ride more miles last week than I’ve ridden since the 30 in 30 attempt in April. It felt good to be able to get out each day and power myself around on my Salsa Fargo.

Unfortunately, our trip ended on a sad and now final note for us…

Thursday, September 19, 2013


As day five of our 2013 annual retreat to Hilton Head Island continues, the Wood-Man and I continue to enjoy the riding opportunities in this League of American Bicyclists Silver level town.

Bike Path along William Hilton Parkway

(The bike path along William Hilton Parkway)

On Wednesday, the four of us took the opportunity to ride…

Monday, September 16, 2013


The Navigator, Wood-Man, Sherry Shazam , and I are making what has become our annual Rest, Ride, and Recharge (RR&R) trip to Hilton Head Island in the Low Country of South Carolina. A League of American Bicyclists 2011 Silver award winner, HHI provides lots of opportunities to get out and about on two wheels.

Spencer Beach approach

(Approaching Spencer Beach, a private community on HHI)

The Wood-Man and I had a nice 16 mile cruise yesterday to shake out the legs and make room for some grilled steaks purchased at the Fresh Market here on the island. I suppose I should have made that Rest, Ride, Recharge, and Eat (RRR&E).