Monday, February 23, 2009

Early Monday Random Neurons Firing!

The sun rose on some clear cold skies this morning. When my head hit the pillow post Oscars last night, it was 34 degrees. The predicted cold front arrived with a vengeance overnight. The temperature had bottomed out at 6 degrees this morning. I was lucky enough to be standing in our living room with my first cup of coffee when a single sun beam played out across the horizon directly into our home. Within the narrow range of the sunbeam, you could see ice crystals dancing. It was a beautiful site as they entered into the beam of light from the left, did their enchanting dance, and then exited stage or at least beam right. It was quite mesmerizing for several minutes until the beam moved on and I was left with only the memory of the dancing crystals. I was afraid to make a mad dash for a camera to try and capture the scene as this usually results in my missing the actual occurrence. Instead, I simply managed to have my wife stand with me for a moment and enjoy nature's gift before starting another work week. It certainly made that task more enjoyable.

This weekend did not lend itself to riding so I spent my free time reading on-line and checking out cycling related blogs along with following the Amgen TOC. I found a good blog to add to my reading list (see sidebar) and, at the same time, found the answer to "what happened to Bob Rolls's hair?" For the answer, check out the Fat Cyclist blog now listed. I also found MnBicyclecommuter and have enjoyed my reading of riding up north. I am continually amazed at the depth and breadth of cycling related issues/topics that can be found. My daily reading is REALLY getting long now!

I also found the website for my alma mater's National Championship Cycling Team. Apparently, Appalachian State can do much more than play football when it comes to sports! So the reading list grows and the days get longer! There are only 13 eastern standard time days left until we finally get back to day light savings and some hours of light post work during the week! Come on March 8th!

Until later,

-- Zeke
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