Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Man Weather Revisits WNC

The April flowers of Western North Carolina ended up with a white blanket overnight. Heavier snow than was predicted moved into the southern end of the county just after daybreak and created some interesting driving conditions. The roads had not been treated with the usual salt brine so they quickly became a skating rink on the southern side of Pigeon Gap. Numerous vehicles were doing the 4-wheel pirouette as we made our way to work today. Snowfall accumulations were reported to be heavier, as expected, along the northern boundary of N.C. – Tennessee. Here are 3 images taken as we left for work today:

AprilSno_040709 001

AprilSno_040709 002 

AprilSno_040709 003


Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a return to spring with temperatures in the mid-60’s. While this snow is pretty, I’m ready for SPRING!!!

Until later,

-- Zeke

P.S. – more images from walk to lunch!


AprilSno_040709 004 My office building at 131 Walnut St., Waynesville, NC 28786







AprilSno_040709 005

Looking southwest from the top of the Haywood County Justice Center Parking Garage.







AprilSno_040709 006

Shot toward the Balsams and Jackson County, N.C.







AprilSno_040709 010

A favorite photo op site in downtown Waynesville, N.C.







AprilSno_040709 011

One for Jim as requested! A flower against the snow!






AprilSno_040709 013


Downtown Waynesville at lunch looking south…

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