Saturday, October 31, 2009


I thought today I might discuss some weighty matters – those things of significant gravity that affect us as cyclists. I could address the trial of Dr. Christopher Thompson in Los Angeles as the case has now gone to the jury. I could review a recent film by StreetFilms in New York as they present the varied options for bike paths and sharing the road.

Instead, I’m choosing to report on a true matter of weight or at least how to measure it. In recent days, my friend Jim at Cycling Experiences got me to thinking along the lines of improving my ability to monitor my ongoing physical condition. In corresponding with Jim on the topic, I reported the dissatisfaction I have with the current weight scales in the Zekester’s home. You can step on the scales 3 times under the same exact conditions and get 3 different measurements.

In response to my whining, Jim made an offer to transfer his Tanita BC 554 from the flatlands of North Carolina to the mountains of Western North Carolina. After all, Jim had just ordered the Tanita BC 1000! (Dang, aren’t these weighty discussions stimulating!) So, feeling that I must “put up or shut up” as he had offered me a fine solution to my unimportant crisis of weight management, I eagerly agreed to the transfer at a very reasonable expense. His efforts at making the transfer are well documented on his site (see link above).

I felt it important to close the loop and report the very timely arrival of the Tanita BC 554 at its new home. I received a phone call from my office late on Friday saying “Santa”, otherwise known in the Yount household as the UPS Dude had arrived in his brown sleigh and dropped off a package for me. I jumped, well, slowly dismounted my John Deere Yard tractor and moseyed on over (literary phrase intended to impart the image of a man in no particular hurry) to my office and grabbed my package.

I let it sit overnight, resting in it’s box, knowing that the optimal time to open it would be with my better half whilst having that first cup of coffee in the morning. The moment arrived. My spouse looked at me like “what have you spent our money on now?” but I pushed through knowing that she too would soon be immersed in the joy of knowing her BMR. In retrospect, I may have over-thought that one…

At any rate, the Tanita BC 554 is now fully functional and programmed. It awaits only tomorrow’s weigh-in. I eagerly look forward to more data to track. In fact, Saturday may be spent incorporating new data analysis computations into my spreadsheet. I won’t ride today – you see IT IS RAINING AGAIN!

I’m excited, my “best half” is excited, heck – the cats are excited! In fact, I’m so excited (note reference to Pointer Sisters’ song…), I had some pictures taken with my new Tanita BC 554!











(Interested reader ALERT!---- There will be no public reporting of any data measured tomorrow per household order of Zeke’s ‘best half!”)

Until later,

- Zeke

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