Sunday, January 3, 2010


This will be brief and to the point. For those of you not “in the know”, my younger, much more handsome brother David, lives in the outskirts of Los Angeles. He rides a Rans Dynamik Crankforward on the roads and trails near his home. We correspond daily for the most part on our rides and conditions. Of course, I try to keep him apprised of matters here at home in the mountain of Western North Carolina. For his part, he reciprocates with educating me about the southern California lifestyle that he lives.

Knowing full well of the arctic high pressure system that is governing our weather at the moment and keeping our high temps in the low 20’s and our low temps in the single digits, he filed the following report on his Sunday, December 3rd ride. I offer it for what it’s worth – one brother lovingly reminded another brother of his really GREAT weather…


Knowing that you were probably stuck inside all day, I will not talk about how perfect the weather was for a ride here today. Oops...I did already! It was 75 degrees and just some high clouds with a slight breeze. I headed into the mountains today. If my ascent data was correct on the ride Friday I had already surpassed that amount of climbing at .8 of a mile today. I did EXACTLY 10.0 miles with 1054 feet of climbing. I had some spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and West Los Angeles to Downtown. I took some cell phone pictures but they didn't turn out so good. Hope you all haven't frozen today.




I can hardly wait until the next time he’s enjoying the pleasure of 105 degree temperatures and I’m just back fresh from a ride through the incredible cool mountain air on a gorgeous summer eve. Yeah, I can hardly wait…

Until later,

- Zeke

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