Thursday, August 12, 2010


I would like to report that this coming weekend will be one of incredible challenge for me as a cyclist. Beginning this evening after work, my plan is to have back-to-back-to-back days of double centuries to polish off conditioning for my metric century ride next Saturday, August 21st, in the Blue Ridge Breakaway.

Following Friday’s double century ride, I intend to be transported to the highest point of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Balsam Richland, which is an elevation of 6053’ above sea level. At that point, I shall commence a bare foot run through the pristine public and private lands adjoining the BRP until I reach Richland Creek as it runs through Waynesville. I will then commandeer a pre-staged inner tube and float my way to the local Bi-Lo’s grocery store where I will embark upon a 12 hour non-stop shopping spree attempting to set a world record for loading grocery carts. 

On Saturday of this weekend, my intention is to complete the aforementioned double century ride and then chop down a stand of Locust trees near my home splitting each one into a 16” logs perfect for burning in our wood stove. Well, it would be perfect if we had a wood stove… Maybe I’ll weld one together in my spare time before Sunday’s double century. Of course, I will use only a hatchet as this will further develop my forearms.

On Sunday, I plan to begin my “slacking off” routine so that my legs have time to recover by next Saturday. I’ll probably only do the double century ride and perhaps a 3 mile swim in nearby Lake Logan. On Sunday evening, I shall spend 4 hours making mad passionate whoopee with the Navigator! If I’m still going at 4 hours and 1 minute, I will call the local emergency room in order to avoid permanent damage. I think this should pretty well fine tune me for the metric century ride next Saturday.

In reality, I’m dropping off my laptop at my local computer shop (LCS) and having a full wipe and new install of Windows 7 done over the weekend. That means I’ll probably be unable to publish any more high quality blog posts until next Monday or Tuesday. Fear not, however, as my weekend schedule should provide some interesting fodder for further tales…

Until later (as in next week!)

- Zeke

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