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So, I’m up getting ready for my first cup ‘o joe of the day and contemplating what might be an appropriate posting for today’s entry. Without any fanfare, the phrase “turkeys and bicycles” popped into my head and set me to thinking. I wonder what’s out there in this big old wonderful world where the words “turkeys” and “bicycles” might intersect in space and time. I did what any reasonable, semi-literate computer oriented individual might do… I Googled the words “turkeys and bicycles”.

…”and what to my wondrous eyes should appear”… no, wait, that’s evoking thoughts of Christmas. Anyway, my Google search turned up a number of items. Some good news for the planet included turkeys for sale being transported by carbon free means (bicycles) in Portland, OR.

In more grievous news, I discovered a year old post about turkeys stealing bicycles… Seems a particular suburb is home to a roving gang of wild turkeys, who establish their territory with impunity. Casting the threat of capital punishment aside, these nefarious gobblers liberate a bicycle from his young owner…  Watch about 30 seconds in for the turkey on bike action.

From Chic Cyclist in August, 2010… “Worried about your bike getting stolen? Don’t be- carry with you the all new Ronco Turkey Lock. Available for home sale only. “

Guard Turkeys at Work!

(photo courtesy: the Chic Cyclist)

Finally, whether laid to rest for eternity or enjoying a peaceful cycle through the cemetery, the big bird of Thomas Franklin’s admiration is apparently with you. This 2007 story from NPR chronicles the exploits of the wild turkey near Davis, CA.

For my part, the lone turkey I’ve seen is a sweet Butterball 15 pounder currently thawing out for an appointment with my smoker this evening. I plan to smoke the larger bird plus a 8.5 lb. turkey breast for our family gathering tomorrow. I probably won’t be delivering it by bike as I’m not sure I can get the Navigator, myself, the turkeys and all the fixings loaded onto my Fuji CCR3 road bike. I always knew I needed a rear rack…

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all and MANY THANKS to our service men and women and their families around the world as they spend their day away from family!

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