Sunday, February 6, 2011


Zeke the Lab update: Thanks to those folks, who have been kind enough to send words of support and comfort based on yesterday’s post. It is very much appreciated. More hopeful news occurred last evening when our Vet called and said that she could see that the Barium was moving through his system and that had given her reason to be more optimistic. She called back again this morning and reported that she had run more X-Rays late last night and the Barium had reached his colon indicating to her there was not a physical blockage and certainly lends the situation to a more positive outcome. She further reports this morning that his lethargy was gone and he was rehydrated. Looks like the “Old Man” will get to come home tomorrow barring some unforeseen circumstance arising… Again thanks to those who voiced their support and concern!


Now to some cycling notes: Today dawned ugly and cold with a light frost on

the area. The forecast was for clear skies and upper 50’s to low 60’s temps. We finally came under the blue skies but the temps are going to struggle to get into the 50’s today. Nevertheless, while I was waiting to attend a funeral visitation at 1:00 p.m. today, I saw 3 cyclists covered up and heading out for a sunny Sunday ride.

Our cycling friend and blogger extraordinaire, Jim Artis of Cycling Experiences, sees his in-depth planning for a massive Super Bowl party to come to fruition today. Stop on by later and enjoy the party virtually as the Navigator and I will be doing. We have our party favors ready and we'll be celebrating with Jim and Alma from afar!

Before I return to the pre-game show of the Super Bowl, here’s some hope from Accuweather Forecaster Joe Bastardi. (Thanks to Il Plummer Nicholson for the heads-up…)

Until later!

- Zeke

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