Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I’ve been in a “rideless” state recently. No, not as in no rides in North Carolina – just a “rideless” state of mind. I’ve let other things/priorities get in the way of riding. Only part of it was bad weather. It happens this time of year and usually has something to do with…

… the ACC basketball tournament, March Madness, and lawn and garden duties calling. I spent a beautiful Saturday working outside clearing land and then spent a beautiful Sunday in a darkened room watching my Tar Heels get irretrievably too far behind the Duke Blue Devils to survive yet another scare. With the perfect vision of hindsight, I should have ridden. Oh well, water under the bridge now so it is time to move on. Wolfpen Andy and I are planning a late afternoon ride today now that we have an extra hour of sunlight.

In the world of the local newspaper…

As part of our local EDUCATION strategy of the League of American Bicyclists 5 E’s, I was pleased to have an article printed in this past Monday’s edition of the Waynesville Mountaineer. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it to their website so I can’t link to it here. It was a more newsy and much shortened version of my recent blog post “Make Capitalism Work for You!”.  The original blog post was more editorial in nature and MUCH LONGER. I discovered the joys of editing down a fairly long piece (1000+ words) to less than 450 and, at the same time, trying not to lose the salient points. I’ve been impressed with the numbers of folks, who read the piece and have taken the time to comment on it either via email or on the street while I’m practicing my pedestrian form of alternative transportation.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity of a regular monthly column on cycling related events/issues/activities starting within the next couple of months. I think this will tie in nicely with our upcoming bicycle plan development. I can see that one challenge is going to be keeping the general reader from “pigeon holing” cycling into a recreation/fitness box. I really want to keep the emphasis upon the whole wide world of cycling including transportational/commuting opportunities.

We will have a grand opportunity to get more word out about cycling and its benefits next Tuesday, March 22nd when we host a “table” at the Haywood County Fitness Challenge orientation session. The hour long meeting is intended to introduce community  participants to the many options for improved health and fitness within our community. For $10.00, residents get 24 visits at a variety of local fitness, dance, and other events. Our group, BicycleHaywoodNC, will be sponsoring spring/summer/fall series of rides for new and newly returning riders along with a training program for those folks interested in participating in the 2011 Blue Ridge Breakaway.

Come ride far Western North Carolina!

My friend and fellow blogger The VeloHobo has just opened up his new venture called Velo Hobo Tours, LLC. Jack and Raquel will be leading rides in beautiful Western North Carolina this coming summer and fall. It will be a great opportunity to participate with  very knowledgeable local riders in enjoying our great riding opportunities here in the mountains! Check it out and sign up now!

Tragedy in Japan…

Stories emerging from Japan indicate that bicycles are providing a major means of transportation in the quake and tsunami ravaged country. (Note: I would provide links but Twitter isn’t working at the moment so I can’t get back to the stories I read…)

AP Japan  Earthquake

(By Shizuo Kambayashi, AP)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this country and its people as they begin the rebuilding process. As unfathomable as this situation is and is becoming, a look at the post-Chernobyl landscape might be of interest to some. Outside magazine had an article recently that may add to our fund of knowledge in the years to come in this part of Japan.

I think it is time to ride…

Until later,

- Zeke

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