Saturday, September 3, 2011


“Man, I mean it was Saturday morning - EARLY Saturday morning – well early for me anyway. There I was curled up on top of this cute boxed Surly Long Haul Trucker when these two dudes walk in. JJ was still trying to get the rental bikes out when ‘Ol Baldy and his “French” buddy Il Plummer come traipsing in the door – all in good spirits and such, waking me up. I hadn’t even lapped my milk yet.

Tripod - Shop Cat Supreme!

(Tripod – Shop Cat Supreme!)

Then they commenced to talk. Buuuurrrrruuuutherrrr! I could tell it was gonna be a long day…”

”The bald one starts introducing himself. Saying he was from the mountains. Said he’d talked on the phone about a Fargo. JJ seemed to know what he was talking about and called out to Nathaniel. They commenced to jaw about and around this Salsa Fargo. Seems we had the only one in 3 states that “he who is mighty bald” could actually come down and see. I guess he’s been wanting one for a long time. He told some sad tale about having dropped all these hints to the Salsa people about sending a free one. Doesn’t look like it worked. Boo Hoo! Let me tell ya a tough story. Wanta know why they call me Tripod? Ah, that would just take us away from this other tale of woe. You can probably guess anyway. You know – a tripod has 3 what? Yes, LEGS! Guess you think you’re purty smart now.”

“At any rate, JJ commences to pull out this snazzy Salsa Fargo with the medium frame and the SRAM Apex gruppo and starts showing it off. “Ol Baldy was mighty interested and “Frenchy”, as I called him, started documenting the whole thing like nobody had EVER bought a bicycle here before. They all headed outside and I contemplated going back to sleep but decided I’d better keep an eye out.”

JJ Covering the details of the Fargo

(JJ showing off the details of the Fargo to Zeke…)

“So I look out the window and there JJ is showing the Fargo off and answering what I’m pretty sure were dumb questions from ‘Ol Baldy.” Then “chrome dome” took a spin around the block while JJ set “Frenchy” up on rental bike so he could ride along and keep up his Doc U Menting. “

Zeke testing out the Fargo

(Zeke testing out the Fargo under the watchful eye of JJ)

"Next thing I know JJ had sent ‘em off to ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail and get a feel for the compact double and the 11 X 32 gearing. This being Saturday and all, they probably met up with a bunch of people on the Trail.”

Zeke on the Swamp Rabbit Trail










Zeke cruising the Swamp Rabbit










(A couple of shots of Zeke cruising on the Swamp Rabbit")

“When they got back from the test cruise, they were blathering on about the friendly people that they met and how lots of trail riders were saying “the grocery store was open today.” I guess that really was a pretty big thing given the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery was having their Grand Opening along the trail today. “

Barbara and David at the Cafe

(Barbara & David from nearby Fountain Inn, SC at the café)

“Anyway, ‘Ol Baldy’ seemed to be mighty pleased except for a little shifting concern and Nathaniel went right to work on fixing that up. (Editors note: the concern was about how the shifter was working – not a complaint that just kept moving around. That Tripod!) Course, he needed some pedals and ended up reversing his thinking on Power Grips and got himself a nice set of Shimano PD-M324 2-way platforms. Then, he started in on wanting a Brooks saddle this time. Good thing we stock ‘em. I’m pretty sure we’d have sold some Schwalbe Big Apples if we’d just had the right size. Ah, ya gotta give ‘em a reason to return.”

“Well, I’m getting tired and need a catnap… (Sorry, I’m the shop comedian too!) Guess I’ll start wrapping up this tale. “Frenchy” got a pretty decent photo of ‘Ol Baldy’ with his new Fargo Salsa at the Café. That is a fine looking machine even if what's his name is standing behind it. I did kinda like his shirt though. I wonder where ‘Hasten Slowly” comes from…”

If any of you good folks are ever down at 102 South Hudson St. in Greenville, SC stop by and visit with me. I’ll be here – maybe share a joke with you – maybe not. JJ and Nathaniel will be here though and they’ll give you great customer service just like they did ‘Ol Baldy” and “Frenchy”.

Nathaniel putting on the pedals

(Shop Owner Nathaniel polishing off the sale!)

TTR Bikes 102 South Hudson St. Greenville SC

(TTR Bikes – Home of great service and good conversation!)

(Editors note: I’m not quite sure how Tripod got control of my blog but I’m grabbing it back now. Have a safe and happy Labor Day and please remember our fellow citizens in harm’s way during this holiday period. Now, I’m out of her to ride MY NEW SALSA FARGO!

- Zeke

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