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February 14, 1944

From the daily diary kept by S.Sgt. G.C. Watts, while stationed in Naples, Italy during WWII… “Bill and I worked all day with 71 Fighter Squadron on the new planes – Go to movie tonight. See “Reunion in France.”


On this Valentines Day in 2012, I wasn’t working on Fighter planes as was my father-in-law back in 1944 but I was working on matters of the heart…

No, this time it wasn’t related to the Navigator. She was up and gone when I arose this morning and other than a brief visit at her office, I’ve not seen the throb of my heart today. You know - the one that makes your heart lift a little bit when you see her – the one that causes that catch in your breath.

No, I’ve been working on my own heart since getting home. Thanks to the USPS delivery late yesterday, my heart rate monitor for my Le Tour De France spinner bike finally arrived. So, whilst being supervised by Herbert “the Crazy Cat” ,  I began the installation of said heart monitor.

Fresh out of the shipping package were these components:

Heart Monitor Contents

(Polar T34 transmitter, strap, and antenna)

Fortunately, the missing instructions were included in this package although it turned out to be a pretty simple matter all-in-all. I removed the drink caddy as instructed and reacquainted myself with extension wire 101 shown here:

Extension wire 101 for the Heart Monitor

(Extension wire 101 is located inside the handlebar assembly)

Next up was locating the specified spot on the underside of the drink caddy for attaching the antenna. Instructions are clear to say “be sure to orient the antenna as shown”.

Drink Caddy upside down








(Drink caddy turned upside down  for antenna placement)











(Antenna in place with wire extended)

Following placement of the antenna, you plug in the antenna wire to the extension wire, push the excess wire back into the handlebar being careful not to pinch the wires. Place the caddy back on to the handlebar stem, secure it with two screws and you’re done.

Working pulse monitor

(Finally, a working pulse monitor!)

Hopefully, this brings this long and frustrating adventure to a close. Officially, I ordered the Le Tour De France spinner bike on September 5th, took delivery in November, and finally received a working product on Valentines Day 2012. I’m feeling da love!

SteepClimbs.com Recognized…

My friend Aaron West, SteepClimbs.com, was nice enough to recognize the Blue Ridge Breakaway 2011 edition as his top ride of the year in 2011. Our local paper then recognized him for recognizing the BRB. The story may be found HERE! Aaron had a great year in meeting his goals for climbing in his first full year on the bike.

Valentines Day 2012 is nearly over. I’ve had my nap for the evening and I’m going to call it a day with a good book and the Navigator by my side. I’m thinking I’m a pretty lucky dude…

Until later,

- Zeke

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