Monday, May 21, 2012


May 21, 1944..

From the daily diary kept by S.Sgt. G.C. Watts, while stationed in Italy during WWII…
“Up at 8:00: 9:00 my work. 10 go to Sanqevera (sp?) at 11:35 a.m. for food for the boys of another mobile unit going after P-38 wings up to front. Have best supper, (ice cream top.) Bombing practice on field.”


Between multiple Bike Week activities and a back injury sustained during a lapse in judgment, I’ve not posted here in a period of time that surprised me. Since my last post, I’ve relearned the fact that wisdom doesn’t always come with age…


(Yep, had our own feline (of sorts) rider at Bike To Work Day!)

… I’ve taught myself on a number of occasions in the past that proper lifting posture is, in fact, important. Accepting the help of others is also a wise thing to do as well. So, I behaved doubly dumb Saturday a week ago when a) my mouth somehow allowed the words “No, thank you. I’ve got it!” to emerge followed by b) attempting to move a concrete block while under the deck of our house on my knees and rotated to the right. That was all it took to lay me low for better part of a week now. Instant back seizure - faster than you can fix a bowl of instant grits! A couple of massages and a visit to the chiropractor later and I can almost quit sporting that nifty back brace that somehow leads acquaintances to remark “Oh, I didn’t know you worked at Lowes…”

Bike Week Activities

We stayed busy during National Bike Week. Including our normal monthly meeting of BicycleHaywoodNC, we sponsored two separate group rides, a Ride to Work Day parade, and a Bike Rodeo for kids.

Our Ride to Work Day parade was co-sponsored by the Waynesville Police Department, Best Buy, and Smoky Mountain Café, a local “bicycle friendly business.” It was a small but fun crowd that gathered at Best Buy for the ride to a mini-park in downtown Waynesville. Thirteen riders joined up this year including two children, who are homeschooled and their mom. Both kids had very good cycling skills. I remember the young man from last year’s Blue Ridge Breakaway.


(Scotty and Mom post ride)

Smoky Mountain Café again provided coffee, water, fresh fruit, and pastries for the Ride to Work participants. We were joined by Waynesville Alderman LeRoy Roberson, who has been a strong proponent and friend of cycling in Haywood County.









(Smoky Mountain Café staff laying out the goodies!)









(Bikes in search of a rack?)


(My Salsa Fargo discovers similarly painted bike bolsters!)

When I returned to Best Buy at the end of the ride, I discovered these two bike bolsters installed at the front of the LEEDS certified Best Buy building. They are painted to blend nicely into their environment and I had not even noted them before. Best Buy also provides “up close” parking reserved for fuel efficient vehicles. Sometimes, it is surprising what you discover simply by looking around…

Bike Rodeo Fails to Draw Participants

On Saturday, we co-sponsored a Bike Rodeo with the local Viet Nam Veterans’ chapter, Town of Clyde, and Haywood County Parks and Recreation. The weather was great and except for odors from a nearby field being fertilized with pig excrement, it was  a fine day to be out and involved in cycling activities. Unfortunately, the intended audience for this event never really materialized and we only had six kids come through the seven skills stations. This is a significant drop from last year’s Rodeo.


(Cross Country Stan works with William on stops and turns)

Those young folks and their parents that did participate seemed to enjoy the event, which included not only the seven skills stations but also free hot dogs, face painting, and a demonstration of the skills of Booger - the Town of Clyde drug interdiction dog.


(Girl Scout yields to  Old Man and  finds humor in the situation!)

So, as National Bike Month 2012 begins to wind down, I’m looking forward to more rides and more cycling events. There seems to be more sponsored rides than ever popping up and opportunities abound for getting out and about on two self-powered wheels! Thanks to all those who participated in the National Bike Month activities! It was a good start – let’s keep ‘em rolling!

(Don’t Forget! Russ Roca and Laura Crawford of The Path Less Pedaled are coming to the Blue Ridge Breakaway on August 17th and 18th! Are you registered?)

Until later,

- Zeke

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