Monday, September 10, 2012


The Low Country 2012 – Days 1 and 2


Day 3 of our 2012 Low Country “Rest and Recharge” week was comprised of some serious lollygaggin’ on the part of me and the Woodman. We achieved a fine state of Lollygag. The Woodman was told many years ago that the type of riding we were doing today was known as lollygagin’. This outstanding form of riding is characterized by slow, pretty much aimless movement with no apparent need for speed or need to be anywhere else than where we are at that exact moment.

A lollygaggin' twosome

"(Lollygaggin’ on a sunny Monday on Hilton Head, SC)

Turns out that when you go about seeking some serious  lollygaggin’ or find yourself in a state of Lollygag…

you have ample time to study and discuss issues such as how to actually spell Lollygaggin’. It could be spelled Lollygagging but that didn’t seem to fit with our current southern location. The “Queen’s English” would seem to require the “g” on the end of Lollygaging and we did cover this aspect for some time. Finally, we decided to honor our southern cultural heritage and drop the ‘g” giving it the southern drawl. I have no idea how long we discussed this important issue because, well, we were lollygaggin and time was inconsequential.

On our lollygag adventure, we left our rental at Palmetto Dunes and headed in the opposite direction from yesterday’s leg loosening spin. The bike paths in this direction had longer segments where intersections were less frequent. This gave us the opportunity to pick up the pace somewhat. Still, we maintained heart rates in the fat burning zone and did not escalate to anaerobic heart rates. This was good for me as I need to burn some serious built up fat! (Post publication edit: I wuz wrong! I did edge up into anaerobic zone briefly. Guess I’d better read those metrics a little closer next time!)

Pond along bike path

(Small pond along the bike path adds to interesting sights)

The Woodman and I revisited Union Cemetery Road, a small cemetery just off of Hilton Parkway that holds the remains of some Union African-American soldiers from the Civil War. We had stopped at this location last year and learned more of its history after our visit. We located what we took to be one or two gravesites of the Union soldiers. The headstones are pretty well worn now and made it hard to read. On two of the headstones, the initials U.S.C.I. were able to be discerned.

Day 3 wrapped up with a good soak in the hot tub followed by an excellent meal at Hugo’s restaurant. The Navigator, Sherry Shazam, and I enjoyed a most excellent stuffed salmon with rice pilaf while the Woodman was treated to a delectable Kentucky Bourbon glaze on a juicy ribeye. Whew! Looks like we may need to double our lollygaggin’ on Day 4 of the 2012 Low Country Rest and Recharge week…

The following link will take you to today’s metrics: (Please note: I didn’t actually die as would tend to indicated by these metrics. My Zephyer heart rate monitor battery did temporarily “pass away” during this ride…)

Thanks are in order…

Sometime yesterday, Gr8SmokiesZeke achieved a milestone of sorts. I recorded my first 50,000 page views. To all the folks that stopped by intentionally or unintentionally, please accept my thanks for your time! I hope you’ll keep coming back… Also, thanks to Bro Dave, Jim, Ted, Kent, Jack, and Aaron for your assistance in helping to make this effort a little better over time!

Until later,

- Zeke

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