Monday, February 15, 2010


Yesterday was our umpteenth snowy grey day here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It seemed like a good time to take stock of my cycling “to do” list. Here goes:

  • Order extra wheel/cassette to use for trainer.
  • Recheck recently mounted new tires to see that they are holding pressure.
  • Clean bike:
  • Read as many cycling related blogs as possible.

ITEM #1: In a prescient move, John (my LBS owner) contacted me via email and said that word had reached him that he was supposed to be ordering a part for me but he couldn’t  remember what it was. So, he logged on, read this blog, and determined that I probably meant a wheel and cassette to use on my trainer. I had to write back and let John know that we had never actually spoken about this matter but that, yes, I had been by the shop to inquire about the possibilities. So, following John’s recommendations, he has or will be ordering for me a 700X20-25 REAR UCP SPOKE HG8/9 ALLOY SILVER ALEX RP15 36H RIM AND KT ALLOY QR HUB pairing.


This will give me an easy on/easy off option for using the trainer in inclement weather. I’ll probably simply use my old set of tires before ordering a special compound tire for the trainer.  I’ll be mating a Shimano 9 speed HG 50 cassette to the wheel. 

ITEM #2 & #3: This was easy enough. After returning from a painting interlude at my mother’s home, I turned on the heat, called over my work crew consisting of Mattie, Orla, and Zeke, and promptly went about cleaning the bike and checking my tire installation for the 200th time.


(Zeke, the dog, can be seen checking for any OSHA violations)









(Yep, chain needs a good cleaning…)

After Zeke’s exhaustive search turned up zero workplace violations, he and the rest of the crew retired to their individual beds in front of the fire. I guess they weren’t up to Sunday work. For me, I’m always amazed at how much grime and grit you can find on a bike (Fuji or Harley) when you seriously look for it. A solid hour of cleaning resulted in a much cleaner future ride.

ITEM #4: While no picture exists as proof that this item was accomplished, I can only report that it most of my regular authors must have taken to their own beds as there was very little new material out there. The exception being Jim Artis at Cycling Experiences, who continues on with his prep plans for the Tour of Discovery 2010: Ride for the Republic. I keep writing to the Stanley Tool Company suggesting to them that they become a corporate sponsor of the Tour as Jim is doing some interesting work adapting their products to his travelling needs.

Here’s hoping that we get bypassed for awhile with winter storms and can actually get outside and ride for a change.

Until later,

- Zeke

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