Friday, January 18, 2013

Time Flies

It is true. Time really does fly by without realizing how much has passed you by. I was surprised to see that the date of my last post was in November. I’ve gone the entire 2012 holiday season without writing. I do have my excuses reasons. I could blame it on the weather…
(The storm that wasn’t…)
…or I could blame it on…
the Navigator and I finally, finally making the move to her family home, which we’ve been financing and remodeling for what seems like forever but in reality is merely April of 2012. The move has happened in stages with our belongings ending up being split between two houses. You wouldn’t think a mere 10 miles would be much of  an issue but it has led to a new Murphy’s Law type revelation for me. It goes like this… “Whatever you need at this moment at this time is in the other house.” It is somewhat akin to loading your arms up to go into the house from the vehicle, knowing that the door is locked,  planning ahead to free up a hand to get the keys and unlock the door ONLY TO FIND that your keys have magically migrated to the pocket on the side of your loaded arm.
During this transition from Bethel to Buzzard’s Roost, we’ve enjoyed family celebrations in the new/old family home, tried to reduce our gasoline costs and monthly auto payments by moving from a fine Ford Escape to a fine Toyota Prius. Our daily commute is now about twice as long at about two times the previous speed so a trade seemed financially prudent. The transition has given me the chance to heat with wood again, something I’ve missed dearly at our previous home. I now have access to a wood supply, which makes a massive amount of monetary difference. I’ve yet to find a better heat than that which comes off of wood.
Our stable of bikes didn’t make the earliest transitions from home to home so riding time, along with writing time, has been non-existent. Cycling advocacy time was pretty minimal during the holiday season but is now beginning to pick back up with multiple planned meetings over the next two weeks.
One of the many good things about the move in housing is that we now live on a better road for bike riding than what we enjoyed in Bethel. We can cruise out of the garage right on to paved rural roads that give easier and  safer access to shopping and also provide some scenic rural riding. I’m looking forward to the opportunities to explore this area of Haywood County where my ancestors settled in the 1800’s.
Zeke Cooking in the new home!
(Zeke using his new griddle for the first time!)
One of my early goals, thankfully accepted by the Navigator, was that I wanted a kitchen that would  be large enough for us to move around in and cook without getting in each other’s way. That goal has happily been met and I’ve enjoyed getting to cook on our new gas cooktop. I especially have appreciated the Chef King 7 gauge stainless steel griddle given to me by our closest friends in the Magic Circle on the occasion of my recent 60th birthday. Suffice it to say that the Navigator and I have been doing a lot of cooking at home!
The advocacy season started off yesterday with attendance at a local training session by the Tourism Authority detailing how to apply for grants. BicycleHaywoodNC, a chapter of Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, is working closely with the Haywood Economic Development Commission, the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce, local municipalities, and other interested groups to develop destination rides to attract cyclists to this beautiful part of the world. Thanks to the inspiration of +Russ Roca and +Laura Crawford of The Path Less Pedaled, we have made steady progress over the last year in improving the cycling infrastructure in Haywood County. We continue to be active in the Blue Ridge Bike Plan, and have started the planning for the 2013 Blue Ridge Breakaway.
As the Ride Director for the BRB this year, I’m looking forward to building upon our success in the past 3 years and to bringing an even better event to the roads of Haywood on August 17, 2013. I hope that many of you will accept my invitation to come enjoy the hospitality and great riding in Haywood County, NC!
Oh yeah, I hope to get back in the saddle myself!
Until later,
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