Saturday, January 30, 2010


If I’m going to ride a trainer, it is going to be on my own terms instead of the terms of this weekend’s “I-40 Storm”. Bro Dave is out there in sunny California planning his day’s ride under the blue skies and warm temps. He called last night to see how our storm was going while he sat with BoBo, the Weimaraner, underneath starry skies and warm temperatures. I was pleased to report to him that all major roads into Western North Carolina were blocked due to the storm. I-26 was a parking lot in Buncombe County and I-40 was shut down completely at Old Fort Mountain. I-40 from Tennessee continues to be blocked due to a rock slide now several months old plus two new slides since the original.

So, another session in the basement on the trainer was not my idea of fun. My now “cycling-centric” neuronal pathways began to perk with thoughts of riding. The second pot of coffee kicked in. I made some changes…


(Yes, that’s right - SUMMER weight. Take that storm!) 


(Feeling “da luv of nature”!)


(Hmm, they don’t seem to cover this type of spring training!)


(Push through it now.Hey, who changed the flag?)


(Who me? No, I am NOT doping… Oh, I am a dope… Sorry!)

… and finally, with the finish in sight, I pummel the pedals until at last I can raise my arms in simulated victory just like the pros do on those stage finishes.


So, there you have it. Photographic proof that:

a) “I’m a Mountaineer born and a Mountaineer bred and when I die, I’m a Mountaineer dead.”

b) I have WAY too much time on my hands…

c) Bro Dave “can’t touch this!”

d) I have a VERY tolerant spouse, who agreed to document this entire non-event!


(Note: Kids: Do not try this at home. All simulated images of a training session were staged and planned by a man who knows not what he does. Had this have been a real training session, surely some sweat would have appeared on my brow. I take my leave now…)

Oh yeah, thus far the storm left us with 8.5” of snow at our humble abode and we’re still getting freezing rain/sleet. But, hey, we have a really, really nice smelling beef stew in the Crockpot! It’s to you Bro Dave!

Until later,

- Zeke


Jim Artis said...

LUV It. Did you do a storyboard before taking your gear out? Weren't you the least bit chilly? Man, the thing you do. Anyway, I'm laughing. THANKS! ..jim

Unknown said...

Thanks! I had fun playing with the idea. It wasn't planned so much as it somewhat spontaneoulsy occurred. :) Surprisingly, I didn't get cold until we were bringing the trainer and bike back into the house. I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it!

- Zeke