Sunday, November 28, 2010


By yesterday (Saturday, November 27th), my post-Turkey haze had lifted enough and holiday/home chore duties had been cleared enough to make some time for a ride. Heaven knows I needed it!  The Wood-man and I determined on Friday night that we would get out and put a few miles into our legs this weekend…

Wednesday, November 24, 2010




So, I’m up getting ready for my first cup ‘o joe of the day and contemplating what might be an appropriate posting for today’s entry. Without any fanfare, the phrase “turkeys and bicycles” popped into my head and set me to thinking. I wonder what’s out there in this big old wonderful world where the words “turkeys” and “bicycles” might intersect in space and time. I did what any reasonable, semi-literate computer oriented individual might do… I Googled the words “turkeys and bicycles”.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Last week saw two important bicycle related meetings occur, both of which will hopefully continue our progress in bringing cycling more into the mainstream of our local community. The two meetings consisted of our monthly BicycleHaywoodNC advocacy group and the second was our next full committee gathering for the 2011 Blue Ridge Breakaway….

Monday, November 15, 2010


The last week has given me the opportunity to review, relearn, and discover again things in our lives that are seemingly incompatible with cycling. In my case, some of these things/events have proven to be incompatible with writing about cycling as well…

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The touch of winter last weekend that resulted n 7” of snow in places and only short lived traces in other places has been replaced by some gorgeous, glorious, sumptuous riding weather. The end of Daylight Savings means that after work rides are a thing of the past for several months. The silver lining to that cloud is that lunch rides are just simply wonderful! The temps are up and pleasant and this day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…

Looking east from Crabtree Church Road(A clear sky to the east from Crabtree Church Road…)


Friday, November 5, 2010


Monday, November 1st, turned out to be the best riding day of this week. It was the last dry, relatively warm day that we’ve enjoyed. I managed to get out and do a nice 20 miler before the sun set on Monday.

Lower Stamey Cove

(The “before” image of a lovely riding day in late fall…)

As I had worked from home this day keeping with my effort to avoid the use of gasoline one day per week (at least), I had a nice late afternoon start from Bethel Middle School. I felt like some climbing might be “good for the soul” on this date so my route took me down NC 215 to Stamey Cove. Traffic was moderately heavy on the two lane road known as NC 215 as folks were making their way home from a Monday workday.

Monday, November 1, 2010

NO, TODAY IS THE DAY (10,000th Visitor Arrives)!



Well,  we didn’t record the 10,000th visitor to Zeke’s Great Smokies 2 Wheeled Adventures until today (Monday). The 9,999th visitor was the good old crawling the site. The 10,000th visitor arrived at 8:26 a.m. (UTC time –4.00) so that would be 7:26 a.m. The visitor was using as their ISP and Internet Explorer 8.0 as their browser. According to Google Earth, the coordinates of their site put them squarely in a field some 53 miles away. I do note a couple of structures nearby so let’s assume they were checking in from one of those abodes rather than the middle of a field in 39 degree temperatures!

Again, thanks to all the readers that have gotten us this far! Here’ to the future of more 2 Wheeled Adventures!

- Zeke