Monday, August 19, 2013

Whew… It Is Done!

A year’s worth of planning and implementation came to an end Saturday evening around 6:30 p.m. The last rider on the Century route of the 4th Annual Blue Ridge Breakaway made it home after some 10 hours and 20 minutes in the saddle. With that finish, the books began closing on another successful…


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Rain or shine or both… that is the question for this Saturday’s (August 17th) 4th Annual Blue Ridge Breakaway. As most everyone in America knows, the southeast has been pummeled with rain this summer resulting in record setting amounts of rainfall. These rainfalls have quite frequently been heavy with resultant flash floods such as the one that hit the Martin’s Creek area of Fines Creek earlier this week. All of this has resulted in damage to roads and deposits of debris on the travel surfaces. Thanks to Division 14 DOT employees, we are…


(Ray’s Weather Center forecast for downtown Waynesville this weekend)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


It is 10 days and counting until the 4th Annual Blue Ridge Breakaway on August 17th at beautiful Lake Junaluska in Western North Carolina. Our planning processes are ramping up for the final few days leading into another exciting event.


Planning for this event began at the end of the day of last year’s event, so it isn’t a stretch to say…