Monday, October 24, 2011


October has been an interesting riding month this year. It started with a week of riding in the Low Country of S.C. where the temps were still quite warm and late summer seemed to this Mountaineer to still be in the air. As we wind down October here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the fading colors of fall are more the norm with quite cool seasonal temps near freezing occurring.

Falls Colors are fading

(Last week’s bright colors have darkened quickly…)

I finally managed to get myself back on two wheels yesterday for a brief spin around the Pigeon Valley Loop. Having ridden my Salsa Fargo each and every ride since purchasing it, I opted for a return to…

my Fuji CCR3 road bike for the first time in 6 weeks. It took a few moments to reacquaint myself with the triple crank drivetrain and get my seat readjusted. Very shortly I felt rejoined to an old friend and enjoyed my easy spin down NC 215 to the town of Canton.

Along the way, I noted that the fields have mostly been gleaned and many have already been turned and put to bed for the upcoming winter. One or two tomato fields retained plants now withering under the morning frosts turning the remaining fruit to blubbery like substances.

Field turned and bedded down for winter.

(Field along the Pigeon River ready for a winter nap!)

I was surprised not to see other cyclists on the road on such a pretty day. I didn’t pass a single cyclist or overtake a single rider. I did nod in greeting to two cyclists at the Canton Recreation parking area as I passed by. I couldn’t tell if they were starting or finishing their ride.

While there, I took a moment to grab a picture of a sign that does or does not exist depending upon who you ask. Two good sources told me that, at a recent Town of Canton Board meeting, a spirited discussion occurred over whether bicycles were allowed on the Rec Park grounds. Apparently some members of the Board said they were and other members said they weren’t. Also, the existence of a sign prohibiting bicycles was debated.

Bikes not welcome!

(Do you see this sign? Some say it doesn’t exist…)

I’m pretty sure I was lucid and coherent when taking this picture and I promise it is not “photo-shopped” into the scene. Note the bicycle in the background. Perhaps the rider can’t read or simply chose to ignore the sign.

It was much too pretty a day to spend much time pondering these particular mysteries of the universe. I clipped back in and continued my ride taking NC 110 south to Love Joy Road and beyond. It was a wonderful day to be outside and, even though my ride was relatively short, I was again reminded of the joys of living in a 4 season area that is blessed with such beauty!

Now, it’s off to our State’s capital city of Raleigh for a couple of days of training. I’m hoping to see some of the oft reported improved cycling infrastructure around the city.

Until later,

- Zeke


Anonymous said...

Hey Cecil,
I wasn't on a bike Sunday, but I was up highway 215 hiking in the Sam's Knob area. While driving up 215 we passed a group of 5 bicyclist heading to the parkway, and on the trip back to Canton, we saw 5 bicycleist spread out along Love Joy & Highway 110. Those 5 included you, who we passed at the intersection of 110 & 276. Glad to see some many folks out and enjoying the good fall weather.

David Tate

Unknown said...

Good to hear from you! I'm glad that you saw folks out. The spacing and timing must have been interesting in that you saw so many and I didn't see a one...

Looks like we've got some cooler to cold weather headed our way this weekend.

- Zeke