Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, the snow event of December 5th didn’t really amount to much as it turns out – at least not here in Waynesville. It sure started out like we were going to get some accumulation. The “Best Half” and I enjoyed our morning coffee while watching horizontal snow and the bending of the big trees across from our house. At times, you couldn’t see across the cove and it reminded me of some blizzards during my collegiate career in Boone, NC at Appalachian State University. Alas, the precip moved on without much accumulation below 3000’.

I took the opportunity to get in a very brisk afternoon ride today. The temperature was at 39 degrees when I started and warmed up to a balmy 40 degrees as I pedaled around town. Per my bike computer, the temp dropped to 33 degrees at about 3000’ elevation as I crossed through Hyatt Creek Gap.

To combat the cold, I had on Under Armour pants and turtle neck shirt as a base layer, my heaviest pair of Pearl Izumi socks, my Pearl Izumi bibbed knickers with my Pearl Izumi winter weight cycling jersey topped off by my lighter weight Pearl Izumi wind jacket. I had on my Pearl Izumi winter weight gloves and could have used my silk gloves as an underlayment for my fingers. I had on a Pearl Izumi skull cap that covered my ears and my Harley Davidson fleece neck wrap, which covered my ears, mouth, and neck. Whew! I certainly could have used a heavier jacket. I’ve been looking at the Novaro Stratos Cycling Jacket at REI for winter riding. Maybe Santa will drop one by the Zekester’s homestead on his flyover this Christmas!

Dec06_CecilHyattCreekGap(Sitting in the gap at Hyatt Creek) 

The ride was pretty uneventful and I did not see a single other cyclist out today. I did enjoy a brief chat with a woman walking her dog on Hyatt Creek. We both agreed it was a good day to be out and about.

Dec06_HyattCreekGap (Hyatt Creek Gap looking south)


(Same location 2 weeks ago…)

After descending from the gap, I returned to town via Old Balsam Road and then made my way to Main St. via Brown Avenue. I extended my trip to get a few more miles in by staying on North Main and eventually intersecting with Howell Mill Road. While traversing Howell Mill, I noted again the amount of litter (mostly beer bottles/cans) that line the road. A new observation though was that there were multiple 6 packs of partially imbibed Bud Lite. I’m guessing that the route is taken by the same person frequently and they dump their unopened and opened beers in the same place each time. It is just too much coincidence that this much unopened Bud Lite keeps getting thrown along the same stretch of road.

I now have only 36 miles to go to reach my 1000 mile goal for this year. I’ve still got about 24 days to pull it off… If you’d like to see the map of today’s ride, CLICK HERE! 

P.S., I do not get paid or receive any remuneration from Pearl Izumi or any other company whose product I might mention here. I simply find these to be great products for me.

Until later,

- Zeke

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