Thursday, December 16, 2010


The French Broad Metropolitan Planning Organization made a grant to Haywood County Government today bringing the plan for development of a bike plan one step closer to reality for Haywood County, NC.

Through efforts initiated by BicycleHaywoodNC, a total of $41,170.00 will shortly be available for the purchase of consultant services to help develop the county wide bicycle plan. The plan is unique in that it is believed to be the first in North Carolina to be developed on a county wide basis rather than an individual municipality basis.

Today's announcement is the latest step in a process that has included grants from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, MAST General Store, and individual donors. Next up, is development of the RFP and approval by the Haywood County Commissioners, who have agreed to be the administrative authority for the funds.

Bike Plans abound at Christmas…

BikingInLA just posted a report that the Los Angeles Planning Commission just approved their long awaited Bike Plan. Bike plans here, bike plans there, everywhere a bike plan. I’ll take it!

Weather, weather, weather…

This week’s frigid temperatures with below zero wind chills finally gave way to a warming trend beginning late last night (Wednesday). Unfortunately, copious amounts of rain and strong winds accompanied the flow of warm air. On the way back from the FBMPO grant meeting today, my friend, author (Up River), and fellow cyclist George Ivey and I lamented our lack of time in the saddle this month. While George has maintained some semblance of work outs inside, I’ve found myself listening too often to that little voice in my head that says, “Oh, don’t’ worry, you can work out tomorrow! Hey, why don’t you eat that last remaining piece of chocolate before the Navigator is tempted?” Yeah, I love her that much!

Until later,

- Zeke

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