Sunday, December 12, 2010


In an altogether predictable set of weather circumstances, Mother Nature has seen fit to revisit Western North Carolina with another round of snow and single digit temperatures this weekend. It all started over night with the barometric pressure dropping steadily and the temperatures falling throughout the day…

As the Navigator and I head for bed on this cold Sunday evening, we’re enjoying 16 degree temperatures with lightly falling snow. For this area, it is almost too cold to snow, which probably sounds quite weird to anyone living in the Midwest or Rockies. Our prime snowing temperatures in the Great Smokies seems to be between 26 degrees and 35 degrees. Those temps really bring out the fat, wet snow flakes while flurries and snow below 20 degrees tends to be smaller and lighter stuff that mostly just blows around.

Here is a quick snap shot of today’s weather trends as recorded on my weather station at home:



Must have been a good reading day…

It must have been a good day to stay in and read today rather than get out and ride.  The stats on my blog show that today was the best reading day of the week with 64 page views having occurred thus far today. While that is a small number for larger more well established blogs, it is a nice day’s “work” for Zeke’s Great Smokies 2 Wheeled Adventures!…  Your visits are always appreciated!


(Most recent visitor was from Singapore)

Another work day will soon be calling upon us so it is time to tuck the dogs in and curl up with the Navigator for a cold night’s slumber. I imagine our “feet warmers” otherwise known as Herbert and Rosie the cats won’t be far behind us…

Until later,

- Zeke

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