Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a gorgeous day we enjoyed here in the mountains of Western North Carolina today. A cold front pushed through late yesterday and created some absolutely gorgeous sunset images. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me to share the images so this one will just have to be burned in my memory. Today, we had some beautiful blue skies with temperatures reaching near 50. A great day to get out and RIDE! Too bad something called WORK got in the way... By the time of my last appointment, the sun had set and the temperatures were headed south again. I'm sure I could have dressed properly enough to stay warm but the danger factor of riding these two lane, no shoulder roads sans sufficient light is just too much for me at my advanced age. I just can't accelerate enough to get out of the way of 60 mph+ vehicles rounding curves.

So, I did an almost next best thing. I finished up trying out my DVD set of training rides purchased from Global Ride and Cycling Fusion. I've already reviewed the first two DVD's so I might as well go for the trifecta. In my random selection of the DVD's, I definitely saved the best for last. Tonight's virtual ride in Hawaii was on Tantalus, Lahaina, and the Maui Cliffs. Again, I chose to be accompanied by the sound track. This time I selected the American coach, who turned out to be Sally Edwards. The mix of music and voice was very good on this DVD and I was able to get right in with her directions. The focus of this ride was on endurance. The images of the scenery along the islands of Maui and Oahu were again top notch and invigorating. I liked the coaching direction provided by Sally Edwards and would rate this as an excellent workout.

Now that I've trained to each of the videos in the series, I get to go back and do them again using different coaches. There is a lot of variety built into this set. For the cost of the boxed set($74.99), I think I made a smart purchase!

Just a short note of thanks to those folks linking to this site and to those folks taking the time to stop and read!

Until later,

-- Zeke

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