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Kent Peterson of Kent’s Bike Blog was out riding with some friends in the Great Northwest the other day when they came upon a guard dog of a different sort. Or maybe, this “dog of a different feather” just found Kent irresistibly cute! To see this fellow (the bird – not Kent) in his finest “colors”, simply click on the image. Kent is also in one of them so YOU BE THE JUDGE! Enamored or threatened???



Get back, Jack!

(images courtesy of Kent’s Bike Blog)


Speaking of “other fronts”, well, actually I wasn’t so just consider this a segue to something else of interest. The Springfield Cyclist is enjoying some time on the Outer Banks of N.C. with his “best half” and their tandem. He has been posting a few images along as he enjoys some time off. Unfortunately, the weather may not have cooperated the best over the last 24 hours. Maybe he should have stopped here in gorgeous Western North Carolina where we are currently under sunny skies and warm temperatures.

Nags Head, NC under wet conditions!

(images courtesy of The Springfield Cyclist)


As for me….

I’ve had a couple of days off now from riding with Jim Artis of Cycling Experiences fame this past weekend. When our BicycleHaywoodNC Advisory Council meeting was cancelled last night at the last moment, I initially thought I might get a ride squeezed in. But, chores and loose ends came calling so I didn’t get to  ride. I did manage to pick up a wheel for my trainer that I hope NOT TO USE until late, late next winter! My LBS (Rolls Rite Bicycles) has been holding on to the wheel for me since March. I also stopped by my local Radio Shack to gather some needed wires, couplers, and a connector to attach to my 750 watt Vectra Inverter for our upcoming trip. My hope is to power my laptop and other “necessary” electronics from the inverter as we travel down the road pulling our camper.


While at The Shack, I noticed copies of Lance Armstrong’s “Comeback 2.0” book for sale. I made an impulsive buy and purchased a copy. I felt good with about the buy knowing that $10.00 of the purchase price goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.


I enjoyed reading the text and checking out the images last night before going to sleep. It was interesting to me to see into the background of Lance’s comeback and the eventual 2009 Tour du France. (Note: I receive no remuneration from Lance Armstrong nor anyone associated with Lance Armstrong  in regard to mentioning his book. In fact, I don’t think Lance Armstrong has a clue who I am even thought I’ve written numerous times about finding my Lance Spot!)

I hear the grass growing so it is time to go mount the mighty Lawn Tractor in hopes of getting my chores done today so I CAN RIDE TOMORROW!

Until later,

- Zeke

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