Friday, July 9, 2010


A group of 10 cyclists enjoyed the 3rd outing of the Thursday night New Riders Group ride on Thursday, July 8th. Despite near record high temperatures for the area, a mix of new and newly back to riding cyclists along with Council members and visiting experienced riders made the latest installment of this BicycleHaywoodNC sponsored group ride another enjoyable event.

The riders led by Advisory Council member and Rolls Rite Bicycles owner John Mudge, pedaled the 9.5 mile loop ride taking in parts of the Waynesville Greenway, Recreation Department facilities, retail sales areas, and residential streets. The route again covered what Council members hope will become the backbone of an officially approved bike route through Waynesville.

Riders at the mid-way point!(Taking a short break at the midpoint at Wal-Marts in West Waynesville) 

The group ran into a conundrum on the return loop when the traffic light would not change to allow access to South Main St. Despite a number of cyclists being over the magnetic sensor, it would not change and vehicles that could have changed it were stuck behind it. A decision was finally made to go through the light despite its not changing after several minutes of a extended wait. Traffic was piling up behind the group and also being held up. Otherwise, the evening spin was again well received by the participants.

Single file riding along South Main(The group making its way along South Main St.) 

The Thursday evening rides are part of the outreach of BicycleHaywoodNC to encourage more beginning and intermediate level cyclists to get out and enjoy the local area in a safe manner. The group also hopes to raise the awareness of the motoring public by seeing more cyclists riding safely and obeying traffic regulations, stuck traffic lights not withstanding. The rides will continue for a minimum of 3 more weeks and will be extended if demand is sufficient. For more information about specific ride schedules, call Rolls Rite Bicycles Tuesday through Saturday between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at 828-276-6080.

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