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Best wishes to everyone for a happy and safe July 4th! I hope that you find time today to be with family and friends and that you make a moment or three to reflect upon the enormity of this day in our history as a still young country! Let’s all send thanks out to our men and women serving in the Armed Services around this global village we know as Earth!

Of course, the big news in the cycling world is the beginning of Le Tour! I’ve certainly spent more time watching cycling than either riding or writing these last two days. The coverage on Versus has been great so far. I’m glad to see what I think is the best coverage team in all of sports back together again! Phil, Paul, Bob, and Craig add much to the proceedings and take away nothing! The countryside we’ve seen so far is just amazing to me and the crowds have been outstanding thus far. In response to one of Lance Armstrong’s post-race Tweats, someone did the math and calculated that 2.7 MILLION people watched today’s Stage 1 as the riders covered the distance from Rotterdam to Brussels. Now, THAT’s and audience and didn’t even include those of us tuning in via TV and other media sources.

The good news is there are 23 more Tour days to go! Of course, the bad news is there are only 23 more Tour days to go…

Last Thursday’s Beginner’s Group Ride…

The second week of our 6 week New Rider’s Group saw an increase in participation this week. We had 11 cyclists on the ride, which was up from 5 cyclists the previous week. We were joined by a couple of individuals returning to cycling and working their way into shape, one very new cyclist learning how to ride in a group, and a part time resident, John, who is here at his mountain home for a couple of weeks and enjoying his return to cycling following a significant accident that kept him off his bike for an extended period.

Pre-ride Meet & Greet

(Prepping for departure…)

Pre-ride strategy








(Now, if we take a left at the old Oak tree and then a right at the locust fence post we should come just up to Old Man Sawyer’s barn…)

The ride was pleasant and another easy cruise through Waynesville. As we had some new riders this week, we stuck with the same route as last week. We’ll have to build in some variance next week to keep everyone sharp!

Brown Ave. return leg (Transiting Brown Ave. in the Village of Hazelwood on the return leg)

Several of our participants were interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper, The Waynesville Mountaineer,  just prior to the ride. We are anticipating a principal article in an upcoming addition about our efforts as BICYCLEHAYWOODNC to increase safe cycling in our area through education and riding experiences.

The 3rd of our six planned rides will be held on Thursday, July 8th.Gathering time is 5:30 p.m. at Rolls Rite Bicycles on N. Main St. in Waynesville. Helmets are required for all riders and any rider below the age of 15 must be accompanied at all times by and adult or guardian.

Fargo’s 4th of July Celebration…

For those of you wondering about the outcome of Jim Artis of Cycling Experiences and Fargo’s recent tour, I can report that the debriefing/deconstructing phase is well underway. Jim, along with Ashley from Utah Trikes, are well into their post field test analyses. Jim has been weighing Fargo’s component parts looking for way to cut weight.

Well, it’s time for the old Zekester to shut the lid on the ‘puter and go give my Fuji CCR3 a 4th of July bath and drive train cleaning!

Until later,

- Zeke

P.S. – Couldn’t stand it. Had to post it. Here are my 2 two-wheeled darlin's fresh and clean post 4th of July bath!

July 4th Bath Time


Michele said...

Glad to hear the second ride had so many more participants. By the time you're done you'll have all of the town on a bike. You know on your next ride you could take everybody on down to Raccoon Creek for a toe-dipping. Happy riding.

Unknown said...

This post seemed to take forever to get posted. Don't know why... I didn't forget about you!

A little toe-dipping could well be in order on these hot afternoons although I'll bet I could get some real takers for a full fledged dunking without much trouble.