Monday, April 11, 2011


The Navigator and I have arrived and settled into the daily grind of being on vacation. I know – it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it… An uneventful ride down I-26 on Saturday brought us to The Edge of America as Folly Beach is known. The trip down was notable for me for two reasons…

I was surprised at the lack of motorcyclists on the road. Generally, we pass lots of bikers running both ways of I-26. I saw very few this trip. While not necessarily a surprise, I was impressed with the number of bicycles that I saw attached to the many vehicles passing us in both directions as we made our way to this sea level piece of paradise. I thought about counting them much too late into the trip to have any kind of accurate number. However, if what I saw that day was an indicator of the health of cycling in America, we’re in pretty good shape!

After enjoying our traditional meal of She Crab soup and some blackened seafood at the Crab Shack on Folly, we managed to get unloaded and settled in to our 6 bedroom house on the shores of the Atlantic. The weather, which had been clear and beautiful on our way down, turned overcast and cool once we were here and available to catch some rays. Sunday was quite overcast with a brisk, almost cold easterly wind caressing the deck as we attempted to make good use of our SPF 30 products! However, knowing that supper by Chef Richard would top off the night, we managed to keep our spirits high and enjoy some fine company.

We weren’t disappointed as Chef Richard put together one of his sumptuous shrimp boils! The smells of seafood, corn, and sausage melding together was indeed exquisite.

The Dude entertains as the shrimp cook!

(The Magic Circle eagerly awaits the results of Chef Richard’s efforts)

Supper is served!








(Supper is served!)

Tuesday saw our first cycling efforts, which were both utilitarian and fitness related. The Navigator and I enjoyed a morning ride back down to Center Isle to the local post office only to find it closed yet again. We were in search of a stamp in order to pay a bill and get it in the mail before an insurance policy was stopped. Two trips to the Post Office, a trip to a convenience store, and finally a brief stop at our realty agent finally resulted in someone actually having a stamp! Whew, this vacation stuff is tough! We enjoyed the ride down as we took the roads less travelled on the back side of the island and just enjoyed a leisurely cruise under the spreading tree tops and along the residential sections of the island.

After being forced to actually lay in the sun for a few hours, my guilt level reached a motivational point and I left the Navigator and friends to get in a few miles on the Fuji CCR3. Going east on the island, I was enjoying a very nice tailwind and not working very hard at all to have a nice 22 mph pace. My route turned at the entry to the Morris Island Lighthouse reclamation project. The Lighthouse was cut off from the mainland years ago during Hurricane Hugo and is now being restored.

No motorized traffic from here!

(The end of the road for motorized traffic on the east end of Folly!)

Nice paved walk to the end of the island!

(Ped/Bike access to see Morris Island Lighthouse)

My ride back to center island wasn’t as smooth as I enjoyed on my way to the east end of the island. The tailwind, turned headwind, provided me with some serious resistance and my easy 22 mph “sail” became a harder working 14 mph pedal into the wind. I’m always impressed with the power of the wind here on the island.  Traffic was pretty light as this is an early part of the week before the tourists arrive in force. I was able to do some interval training on my way to the western tip of Folly.

Folly Beach Social Club on the diagonal left.

(Center island of the Edge of America!)

Main traffic light on Folly Beach








(Center island was pretty well barren of pedestrians on this Tuesday!)

A few miles remained in my run to the far end of Folly, which took me by Bro Dave’s old home “the Folly House.” We were first introduced to this laid back place by my brother some years ago when he and his spouse purchased the Folly House. We’ve been regular visitors since, typically during the off season.

West End of Folly

(Looking west over the marshlands)

So, the ride finished, the sun out, and the friends gathering on the deck, another day is nearly in the books. As I type, this evening Chef Richard is preparing the night’s gustatory delight – Coquille's St. Jacque. A man’s work is just never done…

Tomorrow is the 150th anniversary of the first shot of the Civil War and we’re less than 5 miles from that location. We may just have to visit the ceremonial activities – that is if I’m not too tired from eating.

Until later,

- Zeke

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