Friday, April 22, 2011


Friday got here quickly this week, which is probably a measure of how busy the Navigator and I have been since returning from South Carolina last weekend.  Catching up at work, weekly meetings and activities got us to the end of the work week – except I haven’t managed to get the Navigator to quit working yet…

Tuesday evening was spent getting certified in Basic First Aid training. Our BicycleHaywoodNC Advocacy Council agreed that it was prudent for our ride leaders to have training in what to do and what not to do in the event of an injury occurring on one of our sponsored rides. One of our members, Jessie Dean, offered to provide the American Red Cross training in Basic First Aid.

Thirteen of our ride leaders gathered on Tuesday and were instructed and trained by Jessie and her co-worker Jesse. Both individuals are Wilderness EMT certified and hold certifications as instructors in First Aid by the American Red Cross. The evening went fast as we received instructions and practiced different scenarios while Jessie and Jesse observed and provided additional “hands on” training. We practiced proper methods of turning unconscious victims, checking appropriately for breathing, etc.  I was impressed by the knowledge in the room of our gathered participants as virtually everyone had prior training and/or certification in CPR, WSI, and Basic First Aid. It seemed like we had all be life guards in our earlier years!

So, if something negative happens in the future, we’ll certainly know to secure the scene for safety, provide assistance to the injured, call for a higher level of care as needed, and provide supportive care until that higher level of care arrives.

Thursday night group ride…

Under quite heavy skies that strongly suggested rain at any moment, we took off on our 3rd sponsored group ride of the year. These rides are for “new and newly returning” cyclists, who want to learn to safely ride within the group setting and work on returning to a higher level of fitness.

This week we were pleased to be joined by some additional new riders including Don Kostelec, our Haywood County Bike Plan project manager.

Thursday Group Riders

(Don Kostelec, on right, chats with Thursday evening ride participant)

This week’s ride was again along the Richland Creek flood plain and parts of the Haywood County Greenway. Ride leaders Don and Nancy Lux added a nice branch route to the ride by taking us up and around Waynesville Country Club and along Camp Branch Road. It was on this short section, that our 50/50 chance of rain became 100% chance of rain.

Ride participants

(Yep, those clouds held rain…)

A brief cold rain added an unwanted aspect to the ride. But, hey, riding in the rain is just part of cycling and it gave us a chance to talk about and demonstrate braking and riding skills on wet surfaces. We rode out of the rain by the time we made it back to Main Street and enjoyed seeing the shopping district. We were almost dry by the time we returned to our starting point at Rolls Rite Bicycle Shop.

Our weather looks to be quite nice over this Easter weekend. I’m hopeful for a long ride somewhere this weekend. First, I have to get some Low Country grit and sand washed off the Fuji!

Until later,

- Zeke

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