Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Whew, the past few days have me feeling that if you cut me right now, nothing but cycling “stuff” would flow out of my veins! Our activities surrounding Bike To Work Week and just our usual weekly activities have kept me on the run.

A parking lot full of smiles!

(A cute tandem of smiling sisters!)

The Navigator and I were pleased to be able to participate in the Viet Nam Veteran’s 2011 Bike Rodeo this past Saturday. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. First there was…

…our weekly BicycleHaywoodNC sponsored group ride for “new and newly returning riders”, which is held on Thursday evenings.  We had another fine ride this past Thursday and was my first “opportunity” to put my recent BASIC FIRST AID training to use. One of our riders experienced a fall allowing me the opportunity to jump into action and practice what was preached to me.

After securing the scene, I introduced myself and asked if I could provide assistance after I determined the rider was conscious. Her breathing appeared to be pretty stable so I was able to determine that she wasn’t having either respiratory or cardiac complications from the fall. She did not hit her head so I was pretty sure there were no traumatic brain injuries involved.

Next, I whipped out my blue sterile gloves and donned them just as the training video indicated should be done. I assessed her freely bleeding leg wound and came to the conclusion that she did not need stitches due to the injury being more of an abrasion than a puncture wound.. I also determined, with her consent, that a higher level of EMS care was not needed.

I almost applied a tourniquet to ease the bleeding but decided that was probably not in her best interest at this point. Finally, I cleaned and dressed the wound bringing to a close this on-site, high quality first aid episode. Following is a picture of the finished product…

Road side wound care at its best!

(Proper bike-side manner demonstration following first aid application!)

O.K., so you can probably tell that we were really in a large parking lot that was empty, except for us, making securing the scene pretty simple. Yes, applying a tourniquet would definitely have been over-kill. My final diagnosis: She had a “boo-boo” and EMS gets kind of cranky when called to those scenes. Still, by golly, I was ready! (Thanks to Nancy for putting up with me!) Those aren’t two large rain clouds at the top of the images. Seems my highly trained photo-journalist got his fingers in the frame.

Saturday dawned ugly. Heavy clouds threatening rain made me question whether the Bike Rodeo would survive the day. The Navigator and I loaded up anyway and headed over the mountain to nearby Clyde where the Rodeo was to be held. As soon as we topped the mountain, we were in a brightly lit sunny morning! Yes, the Rodeo was on!

Our group was a co-sponsor of the event along with the Viet Nam Veterans of American, Chapter 980, The Town of Clyde, and the Haywood County Parks and Recreation Department. Six stations comprised the training course for kids 8 to 11. At the appointed time, kids started arriving and going through the skill stations. Along with the Bike Rodeo skills stations, BicycleHaywoodNC members educated parents about our Haywood County Bike Plan development and asked them to participate in the related survey, the Waynesville Police Department drug interdiction dog, Bugger, put on a demonstration, and food and drink were provided throughout to the participants. You can read more and see a slide show of this event (many more pictures of cute kids learning to ride bikes and Bugger too!) by CLICKING HERE! (See the May 11th entry.)

Yes, I'm quite cool!

(Yes, I’m cool. Now move along!)

The Girl Scouts made an appearance!








(Gotta earn those merit badges…)

Hasten Slowly a wise man once said!








(“Mountain Turtle” says Hasten Slowly!)

Sunday brought writing, writing, and more writing along with (warning: non-cycling activity description follows) hanging blinds for the Navigator. Apparently, in some form of post-ride stupor, I had agreed to do this. In between prepping articles for local papers on the upcoming National Bike Week activities, I managed to get the blinds hung while the Navigator was caring for her dad. Yes, both cats are still alive and well, although it was touch and go there between the first and second sets of blinds.

Monday – rain, cold rain, more rain, clouds ‘nuff said although I did get caught up on my reading somewhere along the line. For a real mountain delicacy check out the VeloHobo’s post on Ramps! I’m also eagerly awaiting Russ and Laura’s departure on their next great adventure! Sadly, I missed out on meeting them last year as they came through Western North Carolina and spent some time with the VeloHobo and my riding partner Wolfpen Andy.

Tuesday (today) – I started the day, along my co-Council member Nancy Lux speaking to one of our local Rotary Clubs about many things bicycle including Bike Week/Day, our Council activities, and the economic benefits to business owners to get involved in providing services for cyclists. We spoke at the Sunrise Rotary and, yes, there is a reason they call it the Sunrise Rotary. It is because the sun comes up during the meeting. Geez, I am not a morning person! Nancy brought in her fixed gear bike and “modeled” the clothing that she wears on her commute to work. Spandex was not included.

Lux commuting to work!

(Lux arriving at work after cycling in from home)

Tomorrow should see the publication of two articles on our BicycleHaywoodNC sponsored Bike to Work Day ride and an article that I wrote featuring three local cyclists, who commute to their work.

Finally, Friday brings the Ride to Work Bike event co-sponsored by the Waynesville Police Department, Smoky Mountain Café, and BicycleHaywoodNC. More on that event as it unfolds!

So, how are YOU celebrating National Bike To Work Week! I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am. Now, if it would just quit raining and warm up a little. I’ll have to check the Springfield Cyclist’s weather today because that’s what I’ll have tomorrow!  One hope I have for my Southern California brethren is that the seeming epidemic of hit and run killings of cyclists stops! I know that my compadre Ted of BikingInLA would prefer to write about other aspects of cycling!

Oh yeah, one final personal note – I would like to celebrate National Bike To Work Week by getting to my first 25,000th page view this week. It’s close – I’m sitting at 24,946 page views as I type!

Until later,

- Zeke


Tracy W said...

Hey, was I the one to push you to 25K? I tried.....

Weather forecast - still cloudy and cool. If you spit towards the sky, it would probably start raining, but I'm not gonna try that one.

Unknown said...


I appreciate the effort. I'm still just a little short! Someone from Italy came in after you. I should get there today though. :)

It is still cool and rainy. It isn't going to get near the promise of clear skies and 60 degrees today. Maybe by Friday we'll have good weather for the Ride to Work Day event!

Thanks again!