Friday, April 24, 2015

Dogwood Winter Provides Great Scenery For Riding!

 (Carolyn solar charging as she spins along)

Dogwood Winter has hung around for a few days here in beautiful Western North Carolina. The spring flowering trees and plants have made for some great scenery and visual stimulation as we've been out and about on two wheels. Thursday nights have included loops around Lake Junaluska, the United Methodist World Headquarters. The entire area around the Lake has become a major recreational area for Haywood County citizens thanks to the Directors of the Lake Assembly properties. Last night was certainly no exception as we pedaled around on our “old man’s pace” ride enjoying the sights and smells of spring.

There were too many walkers of both two legged and four legged varieties to count. Runners were abundant as well. There were multiple kayakers some of whom were fishing and others who just seemed to be paddling for fun and exercise. Of course, the lake’s population of duck and geese were in the mix everywhere.

David, Carolyn, and I enjoyed two fun loops around the lake. This weekly ride is intended for folks wanting to ride themselves back into condition and/or hone their skills at riding in a group. It is intentionally slow paced and open to anyone wishing to join us.  It is certainly a “no drop” ride. We meet on Thursday evening at 5:45 p.m. at the Welcome Center at Lake Junaluska and have wheels rolling at 6:00 p.m.

(Evening rest at Lake Junaluska)

16 Year Old Arrested for Abuse of People Riding Bicycles!

Thanks to the Greenville County, SC Sheriff’s office for investigating and charging a 16 year old male for serial abuse of people riding bikes. The Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club in Greenville, SC had been documenting the ongoing abuse and harassment on their Facebook page. An investigator from the Sheriff’s Department became involved and located the alleged criminal. Charges filed against him include six counts of Attempted Murder, two counts of Assault & Battery 1st Degree, two counts of Assault & Battery 3rd Degree, two counts of throwing fireworks from a motor vehicle, and 11 counts of taunting a bicyclist. Thus far, there is no word that his defense is based upon “Gee, officer, I didn’t see them…”

Gateway to the Smokies Half-Marathon Nearing!

On a lighter note, it is only 8 days now until the inaugural Gateway to the Smokies Half-Marathon! The event will be held in my hometown of Waynesville, NC and features beautiful mountain scenery and friendly people. The Haywood County Amateur Radio Club will be providing radio linked support throughout the course. I (KM4DOP) and Price (W4CPB), another club member, will be bicycle mounted with APRS trackers and our handheld radios providing participants with on-road support. I’m looking forward to putting my HAM radio license to work for a good cause. More details about the event are available on Facebook at or at the event website:

... and a hearty welcome back!

Welcome back to John Bryan and his family as they return to their mountain home. John is working on getting his “mountain legs” back in shape with rides in the local area. It would be heard to beat the beauty of the last two days!

This is a short post today as I try to work myself back into “writing shape”. If you’re still with me, thanks for reading!

Until later,


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