Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Some readers will recall that my brother, Dave, had an unfortunate crash a few weeks ago after putting on his new Schwalbe Big Apple tires. The combination of new rubber and moist pavement didn’t work well when he went into a banked, off camber turn. He reported that before he knew it there was no bike under him and his face was bouncing off the pavement, cracking his helmet in the process and lacerating his face by either the helmet attached mirror or his glasses.

Bro Dave post accident

(Bro Dave took one on the chin and other places!)

Normally, quite a handsome dude, if I do say so myself, Bro Dave has been treated for his lacerations and fractured wrist and was back on his steed on Sunday..

He reports feeling pretty well and indicates his wrist didn’t bother him a great deal during the ride. He has taken steps to avoid future face/pavement interaction as you can see below:













(Bro Dave wrapped nicely to prevent further facial damage in case of accident)

Note his snazzy Appalachian State University cycling team jersey given to him by his best brother! I’m not sure Bro Dave took as hard a hit at ASU during his football career (starting wide receiver as a freshman) as this cycling accident would tend to indicate.

(Disclaimer: O.K., O.K., that is really just Bro Dave in his Halloween make-up in the first picture. I just couldn’t resist it. The rest of the story is true though. He did crash, he did fracture his wrist, and endure facial lacerations. He is back to riding as of Sunday…)


Tonight we present to the Haywood County Recreation Board Advisory Committee our newly developed bike plan – one of only two in N.C. that addresses an entire county. This is a precursor to our meeting with the Haywood County Board of Commissioners next week at which time we will submit the plan for official approval. More to come….

Until later,

- Zeke

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The Velo Hobo said...

ouch! that is the worst road rash I seen from a non-motorized bike. Good to hear he has recovered and is back riding. Jack