Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heading For Some Coastal Cycling!

This week has been spent wrapping up loose ends at work and home so we can make our annual beach trip with The Magic Circle. I've been clearing out last minute work-related requests, lining up coverage for next week, prepping the Labs for their kennel stay, and packing for the trip. This hasn't left much time for riding. I suppose it is more accurate to say that I chose to spend my time getting ready for the trip rather than riding. I'll make up for it next week in the sunshine of the beach.

My Nashbar Premium Cycling Bibb Shorts arrived yesterday. They will be in the mail on a return trip tomorrow. I was quite disappointed in the quality of the garmet. I tried them on last night and it felt like I had sharp pieces of cardboard sticking into my inner thighs as I walked. After I did some closer examination of the product, I found very poor stitching around the edge of the chamois and several loose threads. There was only 1 zig-zag pattern of stitching holding the chamois to the bibb fabric. The location of the stitch allowed the outer edge of the chamois to curl up and stick out, which must have been the sharp objects I felt.

I compared the stitching to my Pearl Izumi cycling bibbs and noted that the PI brand had double stitching of the chamois and you could run your hand across the fabric and chamois and barely tell by touch where the short ended and the chamois began. The PI chamois also seemed to be thicker than the Nashbar Premium. I contacted Nashbar and they were very accomodating about returning the item. I've purchased from Nashbar in the past and been satisfied with their products. Hopefully, this is a one time thing. There was a notable difference in the price. I guess you really do get what you pay for... So, as I drop off Zeke and Orla at the kennel tomorrow, I'll be making a trip to Liberty Bikes in Asheville to pick up a pair of P.I. Slice Ultra Sensor Bike Bibbs.

My next post will be from Folly Island sometime this weekend! I'll hopefully have some good pics to share at that time. I'm looking forward to some "flat land" cycling and to riding around Folly and John's Island in the Low Country. I'm also REALLY looking forward to some Shrimp 'N Grits!

Until beach time!

-- Zeke
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