Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sitting Easy On Folly

We have arrived successfully on Folly Island, SC known as "the Edge of America." The trip down from the Great Smokies was uneventful and terminated in our now traditional cup of She Crab Soup at the Crab Shack on Center Isle. We're in a new house this year on the western end of the island near the State Park. Last night was spent "getting in Island condition" and that trumped riding yesterday. After an excellent meal of Garlic Shrimp and fresh garden salad whipped up by Chef Richard, most of the Circle called it a day and hit the sack. The weather, while beautiful, has now been forecast to be considerably cooler than we expected so riding apparel may or may not match the environment.

I was able to get out today and loosen up my legs with a nice 15 mile jaunt around Folly. From end of pavement to end of pavement, Folly measures about 4.8 miles. There was a strong headwind while riding the full length of west to east, although it feels more like south to north in my mind. The wind resistance certainly helped get my heart rate up as I rode to the Lighthouse Point. There were a few cyclists out and lots of surfers and wind surfers at the Washout, a narrow stretch of Island where Hurricane Hugo washed over the island.

The return trip was the flip side of the coin as I was able to benefit from the strong tailwind. I was cruising back toward Center Isle and made that length of trip very quickly. I had only logged about 10 miles at that point, so I turned toward the mainland and rode across the Intercoastal Waterway to add some mileage and enjoy the Low Country. After adding about 2 more miles in that direction, it was time to turn around and head home." I enjoyed cruising the mainland side of the island and seeing the homes on that section. It is always interesting to check out my brother's former home and see what is happening with it.

Upon arrival back at the house, I pretty quickly determined that a nap following a warm shower might be in order. We've been struggling with maintaining internet connectivity so whle I had this current connection, I thought I'd post some images (seen in the slide show) and jot a quick note. I now smell fresh fish being seared in a hot pan with Chef Richard's special touch. I'm outta here!

Until later,

-- Zeke
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