Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WNC Deep Freeze Headed Out Of Here!

It was nice to awaken to sunshine and temperatures 19 degrees warmer today. Hopefully, March's entry on the Lion's Breath is coming to an end. It is hard to believe that we're expecting 70 degree days by the weekend. The last two mornings have started at 5 degrees above zero and 9 degrees above zero respectively. I imagine today's weather in the 40's will melt the remaining snow from this past weekend's storm or, at least, what passes for a winter storm around here anymore...

The cold temperatures have left me with some excellent reading time. I've been meaning to post a link to a 3 part article that I found on Ecovelo. This article is by John Pucher and was printed in Momentum Magazine. Pucher discusses the needed infrastructure for cycling to truly become an alternative transportation opportunity in the U.S. He compares and contrasts to what is going on and has been going on in Europe for years. If you are interested in this aspect of cycling, I believe you will find it quite informative. Click HERE! to access the article.

The second reading I would hold out to you is from Bicycling Magazine and Bill Strickland's commentary on Lance Armstrong's comeback. In reality, the article is about an aspect of Armstrong's comeback that doesn't involve anti-doping issues or how the cycling structure is either welcoming or not welcoming Armstrong back to racing. Rather, it focuses on the very human side of inspiration that Strickland found at the Tour of California. While Armstrong is the entry vehicle to the article, Strickland really writes about much more in this piece. To read this article, click HERE!

Here's hoping for warming temps, safe rides, and improved health for us all!

Until later,

-- Zeke
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