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Mountain Turtle Logo Kent “Mountain Turtle” Peterson is closing in on Banff, AB, Canada after several days of riding to the BEGINNING of the Great Divide Race. Kent has been on the road since last Thursday making his way through Washington, Idaho, Montana, and now Canada in order to start the race on Friday. He is currently on the BanffWindemere Parkway heading toward the intersection with the TransCanada Highway and then on into Banff. According to the calculations I get in Google Earth he has only 38.9 km to go in order to reach Banff as of this posting.

Kent’s Travel Information Through Tuesday Night

Date                 Miles              Overnight Stop   State/Province         total

Wed  Jun 2         0.0                  Issaquah            WA                          0.0

Thu Jun 3       102.1                Thorp                 WA                       102.1

Fri Jun 4         124.5                Moses Lake       WA                        226.6

Sat Jun 5        154.8                Coeur d'Alene     ID                          381.4

Sun Jun 6       147.8                 Libby                MT                         529.2

Mon Jun 7     112.7                Cathiness           BC                          641.9

Tue Jun 8       113.3                Dry Gulch         BC                           755.2

As of waking up Wednesday morning Kent had ridden 755.2 miles, or 1215.1 km.

Data courtesy of KentsBikeBlog and Mark Canizaro used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Rights

This is, by any standard, a remarkable “warm up” for a race! Have you ever wondered about what someone in Kent’s position might be ruminating on while pedaling hour after hour? Well, check out the answer to that question as Kent ponders seeing “Dennis Hopper’s Ghost”.

Our best to “Mountain Turtle” in the coming days as he heads south along the spine of the Rockies!

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