Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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My cycling experiences on tour, with Fargo.

Fargo Logo Jim Artis of Cycling Experiences has just begun moving on Day 10 of what started out as part of the Tour of Discovery: Ride for the Republic but has now morphed into “My Cycling Experiences on Tour with Fargo.”  Jim appears to have just started moving this morning have 5.7 miles under his belt following an overnight stay in a Fairfield Inn at Exeter, NH. His goal for today is to reach Lowell, MA.

I spoke with Jim last evening after he arrived in Exeter and before he had secured food for an evening meal. At this point, he is in a balancing act between remaining financial resources and his desire to continue the tour toward home. Each day represents another opportunity to do real field testing of Fargo and to develop plans for modifications to this unique touring vehicle.

Jim has received some donations that have helped extend his stay. As he is no longer part of the Tour of Discovery: Ride for the Republic, financial assistance from that resource is no longer available and much of Jim’s budget has been spent on unexpected expenses in getting Fargo to Bar Harbor, along with the repair costs along the way. Jim reported to me that he has been largely subsisting on bagels and food from McDonalds in order to keep himself fueled up but he has sorely missed getting enough protein in his diet. His spirit was still remarkably good and he indicated to me that his legs are holding up well at this point.

One interim goal he had set was to get to Richmond, VA where he could do some additional load removal and perhaps some modification to Fargo to further reduce the rubbing issues, which are causing friction/drag and overtime will surely cause additional mechanical issues. Based upon his post of last night, it would appear that Jim is contemplating how much longer he can make it between having enough money to stay on the road and ride versus having enough money to rent a 10’ truck to get home to Fayetteville.

If you wish to contribute to this on-going tour, please send Jim a note at jalexartis@aol.com.


The Tour Divide

Mountain Turtle LogoKent “Mountain Turtle” Peterson has now been moving for a little over an hour in Wyoming. He crossed over state lines yesterday. He is now approaching Jackson Lake in the Grand Teton National Park, one of the most beautiful places on the face of this earth! Christine posted an interesting story about the “Mountain Turtle” catching air when he, his bike, a cattle guard, and barbed wire all intersected in time and place. Kent has also posted numerous comments about the wet conditions and the toll that the mud is taking on man and equipment. You may visit Kent’s SPOT page HERE!

The Tour of Discovery: Ride for the Republic

Ride for the Republic logoRaphael Giraldo appears to have spent the night in Nashua, NH and does not appear to have started moving as yet today. He has posted a number of daily videos and LOTS of images of his trip thus far. You can access those at the Tour of Discovery: Ride for the Republic.

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