Thursday, June 10, 2010



Fargo logo

Jim Artis, owner of super HPV (quad) Fargo, has just posted the finished images of Fargo with his amazing technological trailer now connected. Images have just been posted at Cycling Experiences!

It has been awhile since we’ve mentioned the trailer so you might want to review posts on this Artis created mobile power source. Let me suggest that you backtrack in your reading to some of the original posts regarding the trailer build. I really see Fargo and the trailer as a unified entity that without considering their relationship will leave you with only a partial understanding of what Jim has created.

Jim is less than 48 hours away from his departure for Bar Harbor, ME and the Flag Day start of Tour of Discovery: Ride for the Republic. There will be many opportunities for following this adventure including daily updates on Cycling Experiences, this blog, and other media.

As for me…

It goes without saying (but I guess I’m saying it anyway…) how jealous I am of this great upcoming tour for Rafael Giraldo and Jim as they touch base with each of the 13 original colonies. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that I might get to catch up to them for a day or two of riding on their journey. I sure hope it comes to pass!

At the moment however, my ride is getting some loving care from my LBS. After getting sucked into a deep pothole on Monday of this week, my bike developed an odd crunching sound when I mashed down on the left crank. Thus far, I’ve been unable to replicate the issue but we’re going over the bike and checking the cranks, clips, and bottom bracket to be certain that I didn’t experience damage to my Fuji. I hope to pick “her” up later today just in time for the afternoon rain…

Until later,

- Zeke

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