Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Monday, November 7, 2011, saw the Haywood County Comprehensive Bike Plan unanimously adopted by the Haywood County Board of Commissioners following the plan presentation and submission at the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting…

I had the pleasure, along with Project Manager Don Kostelec, of presenting to the Board the efforts over the past year that resulted in the first ever Bicycle Plan for our rural community. As Chair of BicycleHaywoodNC, I recalled for the Board initial steps in getting funded by the French Broad Metropolitan Planning Organization thanks to the diligent work of former FBMPO employee Heather Stassberger. The 20% match to the $40,000.00 grant was raised through efforts by BicycleHaywoodNC council members during some very tough economic times. No municipalities were asked for money in the process. Early on, the decision was made to develop a comprehensive bike plan for the entire county, which includes a number of townships and unincorporated areas.

The Bike Plan was adopted just in time to become a central part of the FBMPO’s regional bike planning efforts that kick off on November 30th. Haywood County is centrally located between Asheville, NC (Buncombe County) to the east and Sylva, NC (Jackson County) to the west. The central corridor from these two counties will run dead through Haywood. Situated in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a number of touring cyclists enjoy the climbs and descents through the local area each year. Haywood is also home to the Blue Ridge Breakaway, a highly successful cycling event going into its 3rd season.

An Executive Summary and the full Bike Plan may be viewed on-line at BicycleHaywoodNC’s website. Look for it on the Bike Plan link.


Following a number of shipping delays, my ProForm Le Tour de France spinner bike arrived by freight carrier yesterday. Problems in the quality of shipping had delayed my receipt of the bike ordered on September 5th. I’ve been tracking its progress across the country since October 31st and was pleased to get the phone call yesterday asking “where can we meet to give you your bike?”

If my package is indicative of the overall changes in shipping, the company did a good job of correcting issues. My bike was packed so securely it must have been a Fort Knox security team that oversaw the packaging.

TdfSpinner prior to opening...










TdfSpinner Unpacked










(Before and After  - packing that is!)

The manual was concise and easy to follow and I especially appreciated the easy to read list of bolts and screws. I had to supply only a Phillips head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench in order to assemble the bike. While the instructions called for two people to assemble the bike, it turned out to be a reasonable task for one person. When doing it alone, the trick is to be sure you don’t put strain on the wiring harness as you plug in the components.

TdfSpinner partially assembled

(Partial assembly showing seat post, seat, and handlebars installed)

I assembled the bike without problems right up to the VERY LAST 2 SCREWS! These are 2 of the 4 screws that secure the console to the handlebars. Despite numerous attempts, I’ve yet to get the two screws to tap into the handlebar. Given that they are on the same “bar”, I’m beginning to think it wasn’t pre-drilled at the factory. I’m not too concerned though as the console is very securely mounted as is.

TdfSpinner - completed assembly

(Fully assembled with just some final wrappings to be removed)

My final steps, after resolving the last 2 screws dilemma, will be to connect to my WiFi secure network and do firmware upgrades of the console. I should be ready to rock ‘n roll or, at least, workout after that! I did discover that the heart rate monitor for this product is not yet available so I’ll be using my existing Oregon Scientific monitor as an adjunct to the system metrics provided with the unit.

Our weather is already deteriorating today so tonight will hopefully see me getting in an indoor ride! I’ll also get to check out the iFit on-line function of the bike. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on-line!

Until later,



Anonymous said...


Glad you got the bike. Ahem....I have a feeling is anyone goes on the iFit on-line function, they will be looking for Jillian Michaels and not some old bald dude! ;-)

Bro Dave (another old bald dude)

Unknown said...

True, so true... I am merely hopeful that someday I can stand in the background of a Jillian Michaels photo opportunity...

- Zeke

Anonymous said...

Ran across your site in searching for details on my "to be delivered in 2 weeks" TDF. I didn't even know the thing had Wifi but I guess it has to for the maps.

What are your impressions of the bike? I have ridden my last-season roadie on a Kurt Kinetic trainer up until this point.

Any maintenance items?

Unknown said...

There are aspects I've been pleased with thus far and other things I'm less happy about. Overall, the bike has performed as advertised except for the heart monitor. My model is supposed to be compatible with the Polar T31 or T34 transmitters. I purchased the T31 and have been unable to get it to work. I'm being told by Proform customer care that my console is bad and they are sending another one but the consoles are currently backordered and I won't get it shipped until the end of January.

This is reminiscent of being told I would get the bike in two weeks on the original order and then getting it nearly 60 days later. I guess time will tell when I get the console and will then hope the heart monitor works.

I've had no trouble with the WiFi setup although others have experienced issues according to various blog posts. My model is unfortunately NOT adaptable to the bar shifters that now come with the TdF. That would be a very nice enhancement. I'm at a loss as to why they can't make that an add on for existing equipment. I seem to have the appropriate wiring for it.

I hope you enjoy yours! I'm getting ready to get up from this computer and go log a few miles in right now! :)

- Zeke